What to Expect During the Roofing Process

When it comes to installing a new roof or repairing an existing one, understanding what to expect during the roofing process helps you make informed decisions.

Whether you’re having a new roof installed or repairing an existing roof, it’s important that you know what to expect during the roofing process so you can make informed decisions along the way.

Is Your Home Ready for a New Roof Installation?

Those of us who live in the Tampa Bay area know all too well the damage a Florida storm can do to our property’s roof. Between the hot sun, humidity, hurricanes, tropical storms, and more, our houses can take a beating. In general, when it comes to roofing, unless there is apparent damage to your roof, you may not know if it needs to be repaired or if you need a new roof altogether. You could have a leak that doesn’t become noticeable until it’s too late.

For this reason, if you have any reason to believe your home may have damage to its roof, we suggest having a roofing contractor come out to do an inspection. Just remember to do your research first on the contractor. At SRS Roofing, we provide free inspections on roof replacements. And with that...

Roof Installation: How to Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor

As a Florida homeowner who is tasked with hiring a roofing contractor to do a roof installation—or roof repair and even basic roof maintenance—it’s critical you are vigilant in doing your research first.

Before hiring a roofing company for your project, make sure they are reputable, qualified, and, if you ask us, local to your area. We say find a local roofer to your area because when a massive storm or hurricane hits, outside contractors can come in and take advantage of the situation.

Another important thing to consider when hiring a roofing contractor is insurance. The biggest questions people ask are, “Does my homeowner’s insurance cover a roof replacement?” and “Will my homeowner’s insurance go up?” These are great questions to ask your roofing contractor. In the meantime, you can learn more about roof replacement and insurance by watching our quick video below.


At SRS Roofing, we pride ourselves on being able to replace most roofs for the cost of the deductible.

Here are a few things to look for in hiring a roofing contractor:

        • Ask for a list of successfully completed roofing projects they have completed.
        • Check roofing contractor references.
        • Inquire about the quality of roof work performed (maybe look at the contractor’s previous work).
        • Ask about roof warranties.
        • Is the contractor licensed and insured?

And one last thing… If you are pleased with your roofing contractor’s work, please let them know this is a job well done. You may even want to hit up Google or social media to drop them a positive review.

Tampa Bay Roof Services

Storm Restoration Services is a full-service roofing company in the Tampa Bay area. Passionate about what we do, we are here for you for all of your roofing needs - no matter if it’s hurricane season or not.

Whether you need a roof installation or a roof repair project, we guarantee nobody will provide a better overall experience for you than Storm Restoration Services. We take pride in our reputation, and we are dedicated to doing the job right. Contact SRS today!

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